Wow. It’s been a long year. My masters program devoured more time than I had expected, and it’s been rough trying to balance that and writing. Tough enough to grind this blog here to a stuttering halt.

BUT! I have had a few stories come out recently, so here’s an update about those.

First, Writers of the Future Volume 34 came out! And it is really, really good. The other winner’s stories are all fantastic, and I plan to add write-ups about a few of my favorites (possibly all of them, if I find the time). If you want to read stories from some seriously awesome new writers, this is well worth checking out. Here’s a summary of my story!

“The Minarets of An-Zabat” in Writers of the Future Volume 34
An imperial sorcerer is assigned to the conquered city of An-Zabat and becomes fascinated with the mysterious Windcallers. Curiosity leads to friendship, then to love, and forces him to reconcile with the contradictions of his own identity and past.


Second, my story “An Empty Cup” was published in the Summer 2018 issue of Deep Magic. This is one of my favorites, a story that reflects a lot of the angst I was experiencing at the time I wrote it. I was trying to decide whether or not teaching would be a good profession for me, and this story just sort of shook out. Here’s the summary.

“An Empty Cup” in Deep Magic: Summer 2018
Everyone on Eastwind Island is born with a zephyr that hangs over their shoulder and grants them a magical talent when they come of age. Everyone had high expectations for Eshi, but his zephyr is a shape no one has seen before, and his talent never seems to manifest. Will he ever find his place?


Also, I have another story coming out in Beneath Ceaseless Skies later this year, and an audio version of “Her Silver Chains” (with author commentary!) coming out in July.

Again, busy year. Glad it’s over. Hopefully blogging will become a regular habit again.




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