Writers of the Future Volume 34: Cover Reveal!

Whew. Keeping up a blog is not easy while in a full-time Masters program. I plan to write here more regularly once I’ve graduated. For now, I’m just dropping in to post about the absolutely spectacular cover for Writers of the Future Volume 34! Featuring me! And also other fabulous people!

That dragon. So majestic.

I’m particularly thrilled by this cover reveal because it doubles as a reveal of some table of contents details. For each edition of Writers of the Future, three or four of the contest judges contribute their own stories to be published alongside the winners. This year–my year!–those judges include Jody Lynn Nye, Orson Scott Card, and BRANDON SANDERSON.

I have a fun story about meeting Brandon Sanderson that I’ll share some other time. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan, and could not be more excited to share a table of contents with him.



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